People blog a lot. I don’t read blogs that often, but people do it. So why me? I’m not entirely sure. The reason might be similar as to why I like cats. Well, maybe. I like cats because I have been only 100% completely myself around my cats…. that and God. My cat offers no judgement, that I know of… and doesn’t hang around me all the time allowing me to just sleep and focus on things. My current cat, as a lifetime on a farm you go through many best friends, and I fight play a lot and it’s a good stress release. We also chase each other and appreciate just sitting in the same room together. I must say, I do probably annoy her, quite frequently as I love to pet her and hug her, which isn’t always appreciated. There is this understanding, that people tend to deny, that we are connected somehow. That we have a relationship. I raised her from day 3, so sometimes I consider myself her mother, and sometimes I consider her my older sister as now, in cat years, she seems to probably be older than me. On the other spectrum, I am one of the few people who take her sassiness all the time when she doesn’t get let out, but am always willing to let her crawl all over me just to spend some closeness together.

My love for cats makes me want to be a veterinarian at times, but other times I get caught up in the difficulty of working hard to get there and my goal gets hazy. The thing is no one ever said life was easy, so I don’t know why people get off thinking it should be.

So blogging….. I think the short answer is that I like to write. Sometimes I feel inspired and can’t burst out into random song(which my cat throughly appreciates) so I write. I wrote a whole book once which took a year, but after letting it sit for two years and just finally reading it, I realized that had I succeeded to get it published (which I tried many times) no one would have bought it. So that makes it kind of pointless. So this blog, for me, is just a medium for my inspiration, which usually comes late at night before I sleep. Sometimes in the form of poems, or maybe just phrases. It’s not really for anyone… but it’s just a way to put my thoughts on paper… so to speak.



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