heaven is for real

So after a long dry spell of not reading books for good old fashion fun, today I picked up a book I had been meaning to get to for a month or so now. Heaven is For Real. A book written by a pastor describing the amazing story of his son who spent a period of time with heaven and God. It was remarkable to read. The most amazing part about it was the photograph of a painting of Jesus. Upon first opening the book, I looked at it and though another picture of what someone thinks Jesus looks like. In the story the pastor describes a moment when a CNN video featured the painter having visions, he was intrigued and called his son into the room to confirm the image. His son often described Jesus and spent a lot of time with his family trying to pick out the right one. This picture was painted by a young girl who claimed to have experiences very similar to his son’s. So if it matched, surely it would be it. His son looked at the picture and was stunned. It was it. The painting depicted what Jesus looked like in heaven. I was shocked. I carefully flipped to the middle of the book again and slowly turned the page to the painting. Stunned. If this story is true, than this picture I am staring at with my very own eyes, the very moment I am seeing an image of my heavenly father who was cursed down here as a man just to die for me and live with me forever. I cried. I cried hard and was suddenly thankful that my roommate had stepped out for a while. Knowing Christ can be so frustrating at times because he isn’t here physically to hold and love, but if this were truly his face…. amazing. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the reality of Christ’s life. He lived and he died, for me while I still sin, just so he can be with me forever. Simply amazing. How great is our God!


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