Prayer for my Sister

God, you are amazing to love me. In all the times I’ve failed and sinned, been selfish, and just ravished in hate, you’ve loved me through that all and I am forever greatful. I only wish I could show you and other people a small portion of that love. In times when my soul feels like breaking into pieces, you have ALWAYS given me grace. Sure it wasn’t easy at times, and life was too difficult, but you pulled me through and without you I would be lost. I’m so thankful for the people you’ve placed in my life, who have taught me the joy and gift that comes with living my life for you. My life has it’s only journey, maybe better off than others, but my struggles are my own, and without them I truly believe I wouldn’t be here today with these brothers and sister. I just, I can’t even express in words my gratitude. When I think of home, I think of wherever I can be closest to you, and for me it’s here. Family is important to me and it’s something I’ve come to realize I cherish a lot, I’m still growing in my gratitude towards having the pieces of the family I have, but we’ll get there. I have faith in you. Lord, I just want to pray for my sister. I pray for her soul and her heart, because it is so easy to find temporary satisfaction in things that do not bring you glory, but when that well runs dry, where do we go? Lord, I fear for her heart and I desire for her to know you. I was extremely encouraged by the story of the woman who was crying because her mom had been baptized after 21 YEARS of praying. God, if it takes that long for Jenny, I pray that you give me encouragement along the way, to not give up and always have faith that you will pull through. I also ask you to use me in her life, and to always best represent your love, to not judge her and my other family member. I am thankful for the opportunity to reach her and love her while she goes through this tough time at home. I guess I just fear that her children will experience the same pains I did. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone. But, I can trust you God, and have faith in YOU. I pray that I can keep that faith daily and never doubt. And I pray that if I do, that it is temporary and does not affect anyone around me. I am thankful for my family and the life I have in you! If you had never forgiven us, I would be dead. So deliver me from evil and help me seek you in every moment. Amen.


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