Prayer for Contentment

God! You are awesome and I have such a love for you now more than I’ve ever had before. To be able to talk to the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE is mind blowing. To be in your presence, to be graced with your presence, I am in awe. Help me see you more often and help me not to be discouraged when I am standing in my own way. So often that is the case. I am so selfish, forgive me. How often you stop me to say, who have you been thinking about this entire time. Surely in those moments it’s not you, but myself. I pray that I would be seeking you always. I am thankful that I have you to seek after, and that you love to be sought after. If I could seek you all the time, oh Lord, I wish I could. You know my heart better than anyone ever will, I will never have a better friend that whom I find in you. Is that enough for me, though? Sometimes it’s not, and I pray that you would revoke those feelings from my heart. I want you to be enough for me. You will give me everything I need, and if I stop feeling like I need more, than I can focus more on you. I don’t want to be ungrateful for the gifts you have given me. I find I become most disappointed, not when I put my hope in you, but when I put my hope in other things that lead me away from you. Thank you for protecting my heart by showing me, through disappointment, when I am putting faith in other things for my desire is to serve you. Sure, things of this world will pass, but you’ve given me these things in life to learn about you. Sometimes I can get so frustrated when I feel disappointed because I see myself acting so silly. Renew the heart in me so that I desire you and you alone, and through that I can better love others. Amen


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