Prayer for Joy

Oh Boy! What a weekend God! Spending time at this women’s retreat was awesome and super, SUPER convicting! To summarize it all, I guess it just comes down to giving everything to you; mind, body, spirit, emotions… everything. It’s funny, almost, to think how disciplined I thought I was becoming, but how much more disciplined I have still yet to go. Being able first to capture every thought, take hold of every action, be aware of every body movement, be aware of every word…. its impossible God…. on my own. With you, a different story, yes? God I just pray for joy in my struggles. Joy that is peace and trust in your will, and I just give it to you God, that it won’t always be accompanied by happiness and good feelings, but there will be faith in  you, I hope! I pray to just keep in faith, and it can be hard, but I pray that I would just give it all to you God, all my fears and struggles, my pain and strife just take it from me and guide me. And help me believe that! I wish so bad that I could without caution, just give you my life! I lack faith a lot God, so guide me and my spirit inside. I give you my poor, weak, damaged, fickle heart that is too often distracted with being in control of my life that actually giving you the reins. Thank you for your grace, that I’m still learning to understand, and your mercy. I pray that you would increase my knowledge so that I may become a God fearing woman who is in awe you, the magnificent creator of life!

Praise Him!


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