Heart of a Servant

When I’m on my way to work, I wake up at the last minute, roll out of bed, put on my uniform, grab my keys, and lug myself through the early morning breeze and into the doors of our dining center on campus. I have a two hour shift, a small break, and then a three and a half hour shift. A really hard day. (add a dash of sarcasm please)

In a Utopian life, I probably wouldn’t work. I would lay around. Ode to my flesh.
However, money pays for my food and my education, so the necessity for a job is prevalent, yes?

Yes. We all must work, and sometimes we can even work and enjoy what we do. Being that I’m still in college, I have yet to find a well (enough) paying job that I enjoy; and preferably reflects the degree I am trying to achieve. So I’ve started collecting jobs, so to speak, as I move from place to place in my life. You know, home, college, winter, spring. And it’s always the same kind of job. Food serviceish jobs that involve money handling. So far in my life I have been a cashier, a kitchen staff/cashier, cashier/concessions staff, and a video maker for the Study Abroad Office. My major is Animal Science. It’s wonderful. In due time, though, in due time.

So I’m at the point in my life where having part-time jobs that don’t really have anything to do with anything is just what you do. But where is the joy? Where are the minutes I don’t spend counting down the hour? Where is the heart of one who is following Christ?

I was convicted with this early today. I had just finished my lunch after the first shift, which consisted on making stuffed french toast containing unmixed chunks of cream cheese. I was walking to the area where I worked and thinking about the individual who randomly sat down with me and brought up his love for God, which I obviously appreciated. It was a good conversation and it make my day at work a little nicer. So walking into my second shift I was thinking about how little I seemed to enjoy my work. Truth is, I don’t know how the two linked in my brain, but they did. Probably something you would consider directed by the Holy Spirit. :) Anyway, I realized that in comparison to working and volunteering, I enjoy volunteering more… which is strange because I don’t get paid, but I enjoy it because I enjoy serving people. Well, next I thought about working…. what makes working and volunteering different…. well besides the fact one pays you money, there isn’t really a difference. They are both serving people.

That was it. Realizing that when I’m working I’m still serving people. Serving gives me joy, so what an opportunity it is to serve people and have it regularly in schedule, and not only that, but I’m getting paid.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men….. It is the Lord Christ you are serving” Colossians 3:23..24

This verse is appointed towards slaves and their masters, a concept possibly different that what American think of as slavery, but still applicable to the employee/employer relationship.

I serve people because I serve a God who loves me and loves the people he made. All I can ask is that the Lord gives me the ability to serve at my job with a sincere heart and reverence for the Lord.

Find the JOY in work!


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