Fight or Flight

In our nervous system we have nerves that are parasympathetic and sympathetic. The first are nerves that respond in situations where we are relaxed such as regularly breathing and normal heart rate. The other is more responsible for our instincts in tense situations. Like if you touch something hot, you pull your hand away before your brain realizes that it hurts. A simple explanation is just the location the nerves run to… one to the spine, the other to the brain, thus the quick response, but slower realization. Sympathetic nerves are more commonly known as “fight or flight” nerves; ones that respond before our brain really has the chance to process what is happening.

This is one of the things I learn in my physiology class, and for lecture (though it is an Animal Science class) we focus on humans. So when I leave lecture I can’t help but churn the idea of fight or flight in my brain. We see it in animals all the time, either they run from their predator or they fight. I was trying to figure out, besides the comprehending how our nerves work, how as people we use the fight or flight system.

It struck me in the shower yesterday morning, as I’m standing there letting hot warm pour on my face, and thinking about what kind of future I can possibly have in Animal Science. Ideally the road leads to Veterinary School, but its so hard to imagine for me. What if I don’t get in? Well, I could get my masters in a comparative behavior program. Well, what kind of job would that give you? Well, maybe I could get my Vet Tech degree; it would be less schooling. Why don’t you just do that now? Well, I would have to drop out of college. Why don’t you? (After long pauses of thought) I love it here. I love the people I’m with here. I think God wants me here. Where else would I go?
At one point last year I had reached a peace from God. If I get into Vet School, it meant that it was where God wanted me to be. In college though, you must always have an alternative plan, and I had to think of one. It might have been my advisor encouraging me to figure out my life that sprouted me into this crazy tangent from the peace I was at before, but it was also the Holy Spirit at that moment in the shower saying

Have you really given God your life?

A couple weeks ago I found an alternative education plan. A new major that is making it way into the world. Anthrozoology. A major dedicated to studying the interaction between animals and humans, a program that I had been searching for, for a very long time. Once I found it, I felt at peace. It seemed like a solid plan. It was an online program, so I could be anywhere and do it, meaning I could dedicate my life to God whether it was staying in Ames or going on mission, and still get the degree that I wanted.

“I could still get the degree I wanted”

It was these words that God showed me how little I have been giving my future to him. I wasn’t at peace until I had a plan that I knew about. After I had my plan, then I would say ‘God, I give my life to you now’

Fight or Flight, fight or flight.

God calls us to leave our lives behind and follow him. By following him we leave behind our lives that we currently cherish because of fleshly desires, but we also leave behind persecutions. Mark 10:29 And we will receive a hundred times more.

So why do I still fly away from putting faith in God? Why do I only settle for what he wants after I have determined my own wants?
Simply my flesh.

But God sent his son to die a death that covers all sins. It cleans us of our flesh.
Because of this I will fight to give my life to Christ.

Right now I am an Animal Science major. In a couple years? Who knows….

Well, God does. That’s all the peace I need


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