Spring Break

This spring break, some brothers and sisters and myself went on a mission trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Without hesitation I decided to go. I’ve been thinking about how strange it is that I didn’t even hesitate. Last year the thought of going on a trip like that usually shut me down immediately, now a days I feel more and more dedicated to the church and am constantly wanted to stick with it.

This spring break, my decisions and dedications weren’t the only things that changed. In Great Commission Churches, there is my church, Stonebrook, and part of that we have our college ministry called The Rock. Part of the Great Commission is going out and spreading the word of Jesus Christ across the nations, which usually involves talking to complete strangers. Growing up, this concept terrified and disgusted me even. I grew up thinking that everybody should just keep to themselves, but upon coming to college I began to see the importance of sharing the truth and my story with other people. Before spring break, I had only ever shared the gospel once or twice with people I kind of knew….. however over Spring Break I shared the word of God with so many people I don’t know that I can’t even keep track or count. It really just came down to telling my story and how Christ saving my eternal soul from eternal death has impacted me. It’s like it came spilling out like honey.

It’s so important to get the truth out there, yes everyone has their rights, but what about their souls? Are you willing to just watch millions of people die with ever knowing Christ? The idea of that terrifies me! I’m so excited I’ve finally gotten past this barrier of sharing the gospel. It makes such an impact on people’s lives!

To end the trip, we went to UW Madison. It was really cool just to share stories with so many different people. Our church is thinking about possibly planting a church there some day… and it seems like we might have a place to draw community with students. I didn’t even know about all the different groups on campus that currently believed in Christ, but getting the gospel out there is still a must. An impact has to be made. God works through us, and uses us! I just pray my life can be that! I pray that God will use my life, my portion, and my story to bring people to him. He doesn’t have to, God is all powerful, but what a blessing that would be to me!

How is God using your life?


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