Prayer for Strength (yet again)

Lord, Lord, Lord. I see the curve ball coming and I’m struggling with the temptation to step in it’s path. You’ve given me a clear advantage to see it coming ahead of time, to prepare my heart for the growth in store. But I am afraid for sure. And sometimes I’m more afraid that you would give me what I ask for. And I’m afraid that I will be putting false hope in what I ask for if you in fact don’t bless me. I cried out to you with a surreal request that just came bursting from inside, I almost fell to my knees. What kind of experience is that? Was it true, was it from you? I’m looking forward to discerning that over the next year…. Oh how I wish I could know what you have in mind. I see where I need to grow, but my heart isn’t something I like to put on the line. Fighting and fighting becomes harder all the time. I could give in and just let my mind unwind. But you want me, so I will fight harder to be yours and yours alone. Be my strength in my weakness, don’t allow me to question where you are. Offer me peace of mind and discernment to judge what’s best in you. You bless me in so many ways, Lord. Its you, its true, its you. Command my heart, because whenever I get involved, I just end up hurt. Be my strength, Lord. Protect a child so poor, but so rich in you.


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