It All Starts to Make Sense (A prayer of praise)

God! What a journey I have been on this past year. If I was told to guess where I would be at the end of this school year, I would have never said here. My life may be going in a new direction, but I know its not all figured out yet, it’s not like I’ve set anything in stone. But knowing that this is a place that I feel free in, just wow! My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. I am no longer afraid of being weighted down and constricted by a future that would restrict my time away from you. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Before I didn’t understand how you could be my business partner in veterinary medicine, but now I see how you have become my business partner just in directing my life to a new place. You are involved. You are a relational God that loves me and wants to be with this child so poor so much that you sent a savior, your son, yourself to die on the cross. It’s so amazing, all that you can do. With my new career intentions, it’s not like I’m even expecting it to satisfy me, because I know that you alone do. Lord, I could do anything in this life as long as I had you to walk beside. I could travel any path you led me on, just lead.


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