Prayer of Thanks (theres so much to be thankful for)

My father in heaven who gives the holy spirit by the death and resurrection of your son, thank you for loving me. Until the day when I can stand in your warmth and bask in your presence, I wait in patience, I stand with your love surrounding me and covering me like a blanket. There are no words that could ever express how thankful I am for the life you give, no word but love. I love you Lord. More than any love I’ve experienced before, and more than any love I could experience here, and I just want it for eternity. Thank you for leading me, guiding me, holding me, comforting me, healing me, and saving me. How much more you love me than I understand, it must be so great to suffer so much pain in my place. I could do anything in this life, I can conquer everything, even death, with you to stand besides. Your are enough, you are enough, you are always enough. Thank you for choosing me, there’s no other place I’d rather be… the place where your love surrounds me completely.


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