April is almost over…

The end of the semester is a week away. My 2nd year of college is almost over, I’m moving forward, and growing up. If ever there was a year in my life that would appear to be wasted but turns out to be the most epic year yet, it would be this one.

At the beginning of the year (the school year that is) I had just done some serious forgiveness giving, then got really busy and started forgetting God, got into some drinking, found lust to be challenging, dug up all the pain from my parent’s divorce when my sister left her husband and kids and moved home, dropped a class, started to believe the forgiveness I gave wasn’t real, realized inserting God into the hole that I was trying to remove sin from was the only way to do it, joined The Rock worship team, started hard core seeking God, started a Bible Study, got some epic truth from God about my past that completely changed the way I viewed everything, decided to change my life goals, struggled with never wanting to do homework, shared the gospel, opened up to people about my life, shared the gospel some more and then a lot, became content in singleness, decided that staying with fellowship and the church is where its at, decided that there isn’t anything in this world that I could do or have that would ever satisfy me like Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit, discovered what its like to truly communicate with God, seek HIS wisdom, and receive his blessings, decided that the relationship with my mom is lacking love and that I need her forgiveness so she can heal from the hurt I caused her, figured out that I could do anything, be anywhere, experience anything as long as I’ve got God because he is my fortress, my king, my father, my friend, my love that never leaves, changes, or stops loving me.

In summary…. I was lost but now I’m found. I don’t even remember the person I used to be… I don’t remember what it was like to not want God in every crack, in every crevice of my life. All I know is that God is love, and the love he gives me is what I can use to give to others… It’s God’s love.

Woah! I wonder what next year is going to be like?


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