Prayer for Satisfaction

I’m finding in my heart that I am not satisfied with my life. I’m not satisfied with my relationships. I’m not satisfied and content with where you have put me and where you are leading me. I find myself wanting things I don’t have, and I find myself missing the dreams I used to have. I wasn’t expecting the joy I have of giving my choices and dreams to you to wear. Now I find myself thinking about a lot of what if’s. I trusted you and still do with the decisions I have made, but God, I just ask for mercy and satisfaction in who you are, where you’ve brought me, and where you are taking me. I would love to be at peace in my heart because I know that you are it. God show me the meaningless of all these desires and the true meaning of desiring you, and you alone. I want to know what it’s like to trust you completely, so just fill me with peace God. Expel from my heart this root of possessing “things”. I’m set free from following this desire, but I still fall to temptation. Teach me to be fully satisfied in you that I can praise you the way you deserve, not in grumbles of dissatisfaction, but in joy of our relationship and in praise of the blessings you have graciously given to me! Amen.


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