Counting My Blessings Day 1

I want to take some time and just be thankful for what God has given me!


My family. I look at them and I am overwhelmed by God’s grace. I am overwhelmed at the love they have for me. I pray God will keep them and know them all. My mother who is always proud of me, my father who understands me, my brothers who taught me how to be tough, my sister who inspired me. My cousin who played with me, my aunt who gives everything for me, my other aunt who speaks softly to me, my uncle who is loving to me, my grandma who encouraged my faith, my other aunt who helped raise me, my cousins who always are happy to see me, my dad’s lady who is always dear to me, and finally just my family who through our brokenness and trials, struggles, hardships, angry, loneliness, tears, anguish, heartache, and uncertainty never failed to tell me they loved me. I am blessed.


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