You Found Me: Me too.

One of my favorite artists is The Fray. I’ve liked them since, well, their How to Save a Life album came out back in 2005, but I liked them mainly for their tone and style and I never really paid a whole lot of attention to the lyrics.  This song was on the radio for a while, but I recently revisited it when the lyrics popped into my head and I was like: this is about crying out to God. God uses our experiences to draw us to him, but I understand the desire of wishing he could have found me before, earlier, though I see his purpose in what he’s done in my life.

God knows the desires of our heart and being honest with God is the best therapy in all of creation.

The Fray is another word for “the battle” which is cool, and the two main songwriters were also worship leaders in their churches which is also cool. I’m really excited to post my favorite song by them, especially in comparing it to the message here which is wishing God wouldn’t have waiting to save us and the next song which is about God being with us: and the beauty of how he revealed the next song to me.


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