A little over a year ago was November… the height of my intolerable relationship with my mom. It climaxed with a horrendous argument in the car, not the kind where two people just argued because they were too afraid to say what they had really wanted to say… no, this was the kind where we both started to say all the things we had never said. 

I remember being confused as to whether I had told my mom too much, hurt because of all the things that had been said, and tired of the relationship we had. It was just the beginning. I survived being at home that time, went back to school, and started to pray more about how to fix our relationship… and most of it came down to me and my heart. Winter break came, tussles happened, but this time it was different because I started apologizing for the things I had been doing that hurt her. I started practicing submission to her authority and patience to her impatience. I started talking about the things God  was teaching me and sharing my life more with her. I started telling her different testimonies of different people’s lives. I started asking her about her life. As life went on, God became more involved. As life went on I needed God more to help the relationship grow. As life went on, our relationship began to change. God gave me love in my heart and a promise that if I honor my parents… I will have joy! As God began to knit us back together, God began to be what we were knitted out of. My mom started asking me to pray for things, my mom started to pray with me. She began to open up about the things God was doing in her life and she began to depend more on him. 

For Christmas this year I bought my mom a bible that I had gone through and highlighted all of the verses that really impacted me. Some of them were verses that I thought needed to be emphasized for her understanding, but most of them were snipbits of my heart and what God used to take me through some of the valley’s I went through. It took two hours. When I gave it to her for Christmas, she was thankful. I was glad and prayed she would read it. 

Earlier this week in the car, we were coming home from spending some time together out and about. I began to ask her about her relationship with God and if she understood that Christ forgave our sins by his blood… nothing but. The conversation curved many ways and I was left feeling as though she doesn’t completely understand… but I’m hopeful. 

The conversation did go one way though. My mom started talking about her boss who recently had been my mom’s project to convince that God is real and answers prayers. She smiled and told me that he was reading the bible I gave her the other day. She’s seeing a change in him. 

That was really encouraging for me and very much praise worthy. It’s a blessing to be interwoven in their lives and to have it come by small and big steps of faith. God provides and is faithful to his promises. Praise you Father that you care so much about your children! 


2 thoughts on “Praises!

  1. GodGirl January 9, 2013 / 2:41 AM

    Thank you for sharing your story. I love how you write, and it’s great to see how God has been working in the lives of you and your mom – that’s awesome. May He continue to reveal himself as she opens up her heart.

    • teresarose January 9, 2013 / 12:10 PM

      Thank you so much! It truly has been a fantastic work of God. God proves His faithfulness in my life everyday ever more! Thanks for following my blog

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