There’s No Other Way

Lord, I lie awake in the night thinking of your truth.
Of your justice, of your ways.
I think of those who have weaker faith,
denying your ways, denying your stakes. 
I hear them saying “Ours and no other way”
How can they attribute their lives to their truth
all the while denying… you?
How are they righteous, to what peace do they pray?
Rescue them from the lies they spread
the truths they simply cannot comprehend. 
“Be strong for those of weaker faith.”
I can’t deny it, but I’m in disgrace. 
Is it merely their lack of understanding?
But then what doubts run through my head!
The truth is too firm here, for me to bend. 
Rescue them, before they all turn over dead. 
And what people we are to claim what you’ve done
Yet, we all walk around like we’re someone else’s son.
Bring truth to our lives and what it means to be free,
because of your blood… oh how disappointed you must be.
People question the truth you see, by the lives of those living
in      the      name      of      Thee.
Let us stand tall and firm, with the spirit in Him.
Not another God, but our God within. 
Help me understand how it possible too see, three in one.
Not one of three… like so many believe… 
Because, that too even to me, would outright be blasphemy. 
But their banner keeps marching, high and bright.
And it makes me question who are these off in a fight…
To prove what is right…but what about our iniquities?
Who then would pay the price?
It was ours to pay… it was ours to die. You took that strife.
There’s no other way. “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

One thought on “There’s No Other Way

  1. evanstang January 15, 2013 / 10:47 AM

    i like reading your poems, please keep going:)

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