All the Broken.

All the broken people: this world is ripe.
Reaching for hope. Something.

All the lips saying “life is lovely”
yet all those eyes crying “death come fast”
all these hearts yelling “I am lonely”
and all of that Jesus put to rest.

I am often hungry and food won’t fill my soul
and as I have begun walking, oh how my hungers grown!
When I begin running and eat what won’t satisfy,
oh how I starve my soul so that my body grows weak, my body grows old.

Many times I tell myself “This life won’t satisfy”
but its not until I see their faces that I’m reminded why.

All the broken people
and yet, somehow, I’ve survived.
Oh, I’ve tarried in the mire
and yet, somehow, I’m alive.

and I know its not by my own merit
for it wasn’t my blood shed on the tree
nor would have it stood up against it,
the atonement Jesus made for me.

And only by his power, his loving resurrection could I stand before them now,
with this undying glorious perspective in the freedom I stand proud.

And I know its not by my own merit
for who could ever love my skeletons I see
but a triumphant mighty savior, who paid this price… for me.

All the broken people: he sees this world is ripe
Oh if I could offer to him instead, in gratitude, my life
just to shine before them, the glory he’s redeemed
by teaching me its his heavenly love of all I really need.

All the broken people: my heart longs that they would know
that their lips that lie and hearts that cry is all of that Jesus sees
when on Calvary he died with that price and came back to life
Just to give us love and just to set us free

and that merit, I myself, will never need to be.



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