If you only knew.


Its been so long since I’ve let down these walls
or even pulled the curtain open.
Oh the light could shine through- my soul, if you only knew.

Maybe I built them up in vain,
to protect my heart from tearing apart
but, they’re there all the same.

And He’s asking me to let them in
but I don’t even want to put windows in.

Why should I let them see this heart You’ve put inside of me?
Its like they might actually love You- my soul, if you only knew.

In those memories of shattered hopes,
of empty dreams and broken scopes
of lonely tears, the lies that seared
of neglect and mountains of regret
from the people who could have loved me most dear- this is what I feared:

I didn’t matter.

It may have even been true.
I didn’t matter to see their love through
I didn’t matter though I lay in ruin
no one cared to ask and so we have fruition
of a heart beaten.

And I suppose You knew too
this life that stung You like a nail.
Yet, You were satisfied to see it through
because You knew how deeply the Father loved You.
And You turned the other cheek to those You didn’t matter to
all the while breathing this reckoning truth:

“It was all for you.”
My soul, if you only knew.


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