Backstage Passes

Right now I’m riding in a van on the way to northwestern Iowa to look at some sheep. It’s one of those class field trips where you’re told to meet somewhere and you just jump in a van and go. Kind of a fun time to get to know some folks and see new parts of the earth. Iowa is pretty, I’m surprised to admit. (Wisconsinite born and raised)

The time in the van allows for a lot of introspection. A friend of mine’s mom was just diagnosed with cancer and as we were talking about God (as she’s not yet a believer) I could hear her resentment towards God in her voice, but I was able to pass on some encouragement in 2 Corinthians 1:3-11. God is the God of all comforts and he allows hardship to draw us to him.

Cancer is this crazy epidemic happening all over. My pastor just mentioned of friend of his was diagnosed. Jeff died 5 months ago. It’s still sad to think about and sometimes I cry because I miss him. But it’s happening all over.

I had a story to share that my mom passed onto me that I thought was kind of neat. It eludes to how God is working behind the scenes and most of the time we never find out about stuff like this.

Sandy (Jeff’s sister) was talking to my mom and expressing how glad she was I was able to tell Jeff about Jesus before he died. She said that Jeff had specifically asked that none of the family members would come and talk to him about Jesus.

Too bad I’m not actually a family member. The memo missed me.

I won’t know until I see Jeff in heaven if he ever accepted, but I’m encouraged to know and see that God is always working in the background, behind the scenes. Even beyond Jeff’s faithlessness, He was still faithful to provide Jeff an opportunity to put his faith in Him and just maybe Jeff saw the love of God when I left the hospital room weeping.

We don’t always get the backstage pass to see how God works, but we can be assured He is.

Carry on in faith, my friends!


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