My Latent Story

Teresa (ter•eh•sa • van-essa • in-teres-ting) Blader (blade•r)

My name is often mispronounced, so sometimes phonetic spelling is appropriate.

I was born and raised on a farm, in a family (at one point) of 7 people. A mom, a dad, a half-sister (my mom’s), a half-brother (my dad’s), and older/younger full brothers. A your’s, mine, and our’s kind of a deal until my parents got divorced about 5/6 years ago… now it’s a his’, her’s, and their’s kind of a thing. It all comes down to me becoming an independent, selfish person who had become so broken and lost that the only thing possible left to rescue me was God.

I became a Christian and accepted Christ as my savior when I was 9 or 10, but didn’t start following God until my freshman year of college…. so one can only imagine how lost one can become over such a long period of time.

Present day though, God has taught me SO FRICKIN MUCH over these past years that make me look back on my life and laugh at how much God has blessed me (laughter of joy that is!) even since the beginning of writing this blog. I’ve come to appreciate my circumstances a lot more and know that because of God, even a broken family like mine can become the great family God designed families to be, just with the presence of God! With God, all things are possible! And it’s amazing.

We’ve all been given our plate, and it affects us each differently. It’s not about comparing plates, it’s about God knowing what it takes to win our lives. Sadly, the reason why I’m so hesitant to share my life more frequently, is this idea that my life has been worse off and people will change and feel bad for me (a selfish perspective, I know). So this is me sharing my life… and no this isn’t all… this isn’t half, but it’s the part God’s given me the courage to share for now.

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